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I’m thrilled to announce my new jewellery line of Morse Code bracelets and necklaces.

This style of jewellery is dainty, simple, yet elegant. With a secret message that can be great fun to give as a gift that holds specific meaning to you and the recipient.

Choose from one of my predefined options of words or sayings. Or make the Morse Code items truly your own by choosing a custom name or personalised words. A simple message can say a lot! So whatever secret message you want to create, it will be meaningful and heartfelt.

Limitations With Customisations On Bracelets

There can be limitations with the length of the Morse Code message that can fit onto a bracelet. If you’re unsure whether your custom words/phrases will fit the particular bracelet length you want to buy, then send me a message. Tell me the words/phrases and the bracelet length you would like and I can let you know whether that will work. If it can’t fit, I will offer an alternative suggestion. Or you might have to get creative with your message or shorten it in some way for it to fit the required bracelet size.

Morse Code Message Card

Each Morse Code bracelet and necklace comes with its own message card. The cards detail what the Morse Code message means. (I try to print separate words of the Morse Code message on different lines on the card. However, if space is limited and more than one word is on the same line, then / shows where one word ends and a new one starts).

Morse Code Message Cards - I Love You, My Person, Sarah, Custom

Do you want to learn more and understand how to read your Morse Code jewellery? Then check out my 'How To Read Morse Code Jewellery' blog post.

P.S. For A Little Something Extra

Like the idea of sending a secret message gift, but want a smaller gift, or a non-jewellery gift? For those that do, I have also introduced a line of Morse Code keyrings and bag charms.

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