3 Tips To Create A Fantastic Layered Necklace #Neckmess

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If you haven't come across the term "neckmess" before, don't worry, neither had I until a few weeks ago. It's just another style term for wearing a variety of layered necklaces. One form of layering necklaces can be to have them in a symmetrical pattern. This can create a very elegant look like Militza Ortiz has created here:

Yet, the neckmess, is as the term describes a little bit messier looking. However, when styled right it can create a fabulous statement piece. (The originator of the #neckmess tag is Jessica Kagan Cushman. Check her out over on Instagram for extra inspiration.)

So How Do You Create A Fabulous Looking #Neckmess?

1. Different lengths and weights

Choose necklaces that are of various lengths, steps of 2-3" difference are best. This allows enough space between the necklaces to be able to see each of them clearly. Rocks and Stars has used this technique to great effect to create this blue ensemble:

Consider the weight of the necklaces that you're using, so that they're also of varying weights. This helps them not get tangled quite as much as heavier necklaces can help hold lighter ones in place.

2. Theme

The theme can be colour and/or charms, etc. A consistent theme can tie the #neckmess together to create a whole. Roseark has used the themes of love along with a ruby red colour in their #neckmess creation:

It's also great to have a main focal point. In this case, the focal point is the arrow and heart charm necklaces that help draw the eye. But you can choose to use just one item that creates the focal point within your theme.

3. Asymmetry

Adding asymmetry into one or more of the necklaces can add a little extra something to the #neckmess. You could use charms to place some asymmetry into your design. Or you could use an asymmetrical chain as Meg Bee has here:

4. Bonus tips!

Do expect the necklaces to move around, so every so often it helps to readjust and detangle them. Therefore, it is best to choose chains that are sturdy. That doesn't necessarily mean thick, as stainless steel chains can be quite fine. But it's best to use chains that can better handle being pulled at in order to detangle them.

Choose a plain coloured top to wear with your creation, it will allow your #neckmess creation to be the star. (Don't make the mistake I did below by wearing a striped top - oops!)

My #Neckmess Creation

Layering necklaces isn't something I tend to do with my necklaces. I prefer a single necklace focal point. However, I'd thought I'd have a bit of fun and try it out myself.

space charm layered necklaces neckmess

I decided to build my #neckmess around a starry night sky theme. I started with the sun and the smaller moon star necklaces. I found that placing the heavier necklaces on top helped hold these lighter ones better in place. I then added the larger crescent moon star charm necklace with a 22" chain. Finally I added the shortest necklace, a 16" dainty chainmaille necklace. To invoke the idea of twinkling stars, I also added some orange crystals to my design.

So Are You Going To Create Your Own #Neckmess?

Let me know in the comments below or link to me on Instagram @purplewyvernjewels to show me your creation.

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