Royal Mail Strikes This Autumn

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18th November Update:

There have been changes to strike dates and new ones have been added:

Royal Mail strike dates Autumn And Christmas 2022 

It's likely that you've seen in the news that Royal Mail has announced a number of strike dates for this Autumn. If all the dates go ahead then expect regular delays in the UK not only with your normal post but with online purchases too.

Royal Mail strike dates Autumn 2022

I have always used Royal Mail for my deliveries since starting Purple Wyvern Jewels in 2012. And under normal circumstances, they are a very reliable delivery service. I understand that Royal Mail workers wouldn't have taken this decision lightly. And that they always aim to offer an excellent delivery service.

Unfortunately, for many businesses like mine that sell small lightweight items, there isn't a viable cost-effective alternative to using Royal Mail. So if you buy online and need your order by a certain date, then order early. Also, consider upgrading your shipping if a shop offers that option.

I personally offer shipping upgrades for deliveries within the UK. If time is of the essence with delivery then the fastest service will be via Special Delivery. Royal Mail - when they are working - will prioritise this delivery service. (For those buying from abroad, orders are shipped by Royal Mail international tracking which is a faster and prioritised service.)

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