A Morse Code Valentine's Poem Inspired By Chat GPT

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A little fun for Valentine's Day today...

I was trying out Chat GPT to see what all the hype is about. So for something different, I got it to help me write a poem about my Morse code products. Chat GPT looks like an interesting product to help with writing inspiration. Have you used it yet? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

I have made a few changes to the poem that was created, but overall I think the AI didn't do too bad a job.

A Morse Code Valentines Poem

A Morse code treasure, oh what a sight,
A gift that's unique, with a message in sight,
A bracelet, a necklace, a keyring too,
A gift from the heart, meant only for you.

A message in beads, strung up with care,
A symbol of love, and a gift to share,
A way to express, what words cannot say,
A gift that's personal, in a special way.

Each dot and dash, a language untold,
A message between us, a story to unfold,
A message in code, that only you know,
A secret that's yours, a story to show.

So wear it with pride, and keep it close by,
A gift from the heart, meant only for you and I,
A Morse code treasure, a gift so divine,
A message of love, that will always shine.

morse code necklace worn on person wearing black smart top

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