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International Women's Day 2022 - Break The Bias


"There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish." - Michelle Obama However, many barriers can be put in front of women to hinder their ability to be what they want to be and accomplish what they want to achieve. Some of those barriers can be systematic throughout...

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2022 Valentine's Day Gift Guide: A Treat For Your Love

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All the items in this Valentine’s Day gift guide are sold by independent small businesses. So why not show them some love by checking out their other items on their websites too! (Photo Credit: Nicole De Khors) Click on the person below you are buying for to jump to awesome...

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Can I Trust Online Product Reviews & Are They Genuine?

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I saw an article in the news the other day about "Christmas shoppers warned about fake online reviews - here's how to protect yourself". It made me think about how others might view product reviews and whether they can be trusted. Businesses Rely On Reviews Small businesses, in particular, depend...

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2021 One Stop Shop – Christmas Gifts for All The Family

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I'd like to welcome Emma from Stamped With Love as my first guest post to this blog. She has put together a wonderful Christmas gift guide for all the family. (Photo Credit: Nicole De Khors) All the items are sold by small business owners. So why not show them some...

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8 Inspirational Home Décor & Fashion Macramé Ideas

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Macramé is an ancient way of creating textiles by knotting rather than weaving or knitting. It's a style that comes in and out of fashion. In recent years it has been updated to a more modern style, with a wide variety of colours and geometric shapes. Take inspiration from my...

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