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New Morse Code Jewellery

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I’m thrilled to announce my new jewellery line of Morse Code bracelets and necklaces. This style of jewellery is dainty, simple, yet elegant. With a secret message that can be great fun to give as a gift that holds specific meaning to you and the recipient. Choose from one of...

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March Meet The Maker Instagram Challenge 2021

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During the month of March 2021, I have been taking part in the #marchmeetthemaker challenge on Instagram, set up by Joanne Hawker ( For those of you who missed it, or don't have Instagram, I wanted to have an amalgamation blog post of my Instagram posts, so that you can...

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New Stainless Steel Chainmaille Jewellery

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I enjoy learning new things. I'm someone who believes there's always something new for us to learn, and no matter how old we get there is always something new and different for us to explore and gain knowledge about. Exploration Is Fun Over the years, I've created different styles of...

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