How To Read & Understand Morse Code Jewellery

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You've heard of Morse Code jewellery, but not sure what it is or how to read it? Don't worry, I've got the guide you need to figure everything out.

What Is Morse Code?

morse code telegraph key communications device

(A telegraph key communications device that uses Morse Code to send messages (Photo Credit: Hisks))

Morse Code is a way of representing letters, numbers and punctuation as dots (•) and dashes (—). They can be represented visually or via sound (the dots making a shorter sound and the dashes being a longer sound).

Morse Code was first invented by Samuel Morse in 1844. It was quickly expanded and improved upon by Alfred Vail. These first versions are known as American Morse Code. Further changes have been made over time with a number of different versions in use, however the most common is International Morse Code.

International Morse Code Characters

So What Is A Morse Code Bracelet Or Necklace?

It’s a bracelet or necklace that uses dots and dashes to create a name, a saying or a personalised message. These can be created by hand stamping the dots and dashes symbols on metal, or more commonly by using beads.

How do you use Morse Code with beads?

For a more realistic Morse Code look then round and tube-shaped beads are used. The round beads will represent the dots and the longer tube-shaped beads will represent the dashes. Some Morse Code jewellery will use different coloured beads instead of different shapes.

In Morse Code, there are tiny gaps between letters and slightly longer gaps between words. When writing down Morse Code the letter gaps are usually written with a space e.g. •••  ••  •••  —  •  •—•  ••• (sisters). The word gaps are usually written with a slash e.g. —•••  •  •••  — / ——  ••—  —— (best mum). However, these aren’t always represented in Morse Code jewellery. If they are, often some sort of spacer denotes the word gaps, which is different to the beads used for the dots and dashes.

Word Spacer For Morse Code Bracelet

How Do I Read Morse Code Jewellery?

  1. Your Morse Code message should be on a card or included in your order. The message is in English and the letters, numbers and punctuation are in Morse Code. So if giving as a gift, it makes it quicker and easier for the recipient to understand.
  2. The message reads from left to right.
  3. There is no difference with lowercase or capital letters, they are the same in Morse Code.
  4. With necklaces, someone in front of the wearer will be able to view the message. However, it depends upon how the wearer places the bracelet on as to who can view the message. It could be viewed correctly by the wearer when they look at it, or by someone in front of them. Obviously, it’s a personal choice about which way the bracelet is worn. For a motivational message, the wearer may choose to be able to read it. Thus reminding them of that message.

Using this bracelet example, it reads:

I               ••
am           •—  ——
enough    •  —•  ———  ••—  ——•  ••••

The first image allows the wearer to read the 'I am enough' bracelet. Whilst the second image allows others to view it.

What’s So Special About Morse Code Jewellery?

There are plenty of reasons to buy Morse Code jewellery. But at its heart, it’s a way of having dainty, elegant jewellery that is meaningful to you with a personalised message. A simple message can say a lot.

'I love you' necklace written in morse code stainless steel beads on a stainless steel chain with morse code message card

How To Create Your Custom Morse Code Jewellery

"sarah" name necklace written in morse code stainless steel beads on a stainless steel chain

  1. Decide on a message that has an important or specific meaning to you.
  2. Choose whether to have a necklace, bracelet or even a keyring.
  3. For necklaces and bracelets check what length you require.
  4. Click on the button below to select which Morse Code item you want and enter the requested details on the product page.
  5. Add your custom Morse Code creation to your cart and checkout.

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  • Raymond on

    I like the the idea of the message that you can use for special person.

  • Victoria - Purple Wyvern Jewels on

    @Sally – Neither did I, but it does make sense that they would have a wide range of punctuation marks as Morse Code is designed to be a way of communicating with others. Thank you!

  • Sally on

    This is so interesting! I never knew that there was morse for some many different punctuation marks. Lovely jewellery too!

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