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I enjoy learning new things. I'm someone who believes there's always something new for us to learn, and no matter how old we get there is always something new and different for us to explore and gain knowledge about.

Exploration Is Fun

Over the years, I've created different styles of jewellery. I enjoy the process of learning a new jewellery technique and making creations with these different techniques. Recently, I have been exploring and creating chainmaille items. Chainmaille (or chainmail) is the art of creating items by linking jump rings together.

Obviously, the thing that most people think of when someone mentions chainmaille, is chainmaille armour. However, it can also be used to create so much more...

Chainmaille Jewellery Creations

Whatever your personal style is, there can be a chainmaille creation for you!

It isn't just about chunky statement pieces, that if you search on the internet you are likely to see images of. Whilst, some of those are really intricate and unique, with modern parts, it's possible to create lightweight and dainty chainmaille jewellery, which I believe will complement any outfit.

I personally love elegant, lightweight and everyday wear creations like the linked circle love knot necklace, the dainty simple chainmaille bracelet and necklace that are linked below.

linked rings chainmaille mobius ball on a stainless steel chain handmade chainmaille stainless steel chain bracelet on wrist handmade chainmaille stainless steel chain necklace

However, if you like to make a statement with your jewellery pieces, like the stars chainmaille bracelet and necklace below, chainmaille allows you to do that too. With the stainless steel parts I use to create these items, they are strong and yet, still lightweight and dainty all at the same time.

five small hollow star charms on a handmade chainmaille stainless steel chain bracelet on wrist five small hollow star charms on a handmade chainmaille stainless steel chain necklace

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