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If you have visited Purple Wyvern Jewels before you might notice that I have not only a brand new site but also a whole new look.

Brand New Address

If you were expecting to see purplewyvernjewels.co.uk don't worry, you have arrived at the correct destination. Purple Wyvern Jewels is a small business that ships orders to destinations all around the world. To make that clearer to visitors, the site address has been changed from a .co.uk address to a .com address.

My email address has also been changed to match the new web address. I am now contactable at victoria@purplewyvernjewels.com. If you have emailed using the old email address, those emails will still be responded to.

Extra Payment Options

As part of my new site design, I have also changed my site host. This has enabled me to have a site that offers more to my customers. Previously, the only payment option I offered was payment via PayPal. With the new site provider, I am able to offer a wider range of payment methods including payment via major credit cards for customers to choose from.

New Look

I started Purple Wyvern Jewels back in March 2012, so eight years ago now. Over the past six months, I have thought about where I would like Purple Wyvern Jewels to go in the future. This thought process was actually initiated by questions my son had. He had been asking about the environment with the earth warming and what people can do about that. It made me think about how could I improve what I did as a business, to look at plastic usage, wastage etc. This led me to make changes to my product lines, packaging and rebrand my business.

Purple Wyvern Jewels dragon holding jewel old logoMy trusty little helper has been my logo since I started but it's now time for him to retire and have a well-earned rest. Back then I was making crystal and gemstone wire wrapped sterling silver jewellery. I moved on to making macramé bracelets and personalised bookmarks. After a request from my young son at the time, I also made beaded elasticated bracelets. These designs were colourful and thus my bold dragon logo fitted in with the products I was selling.

My products now mainly focus on family-related jewellery, keyrings and bag charms. Including memorial items that can be personalised with initials or crystals to represent the birth months of loved ones. So, I have updated my branding, including my logo, to reflect the change in my products.

Other New Site Features

Along with extra payment methods, there are other new features:

  • Site-wide announcements allow me to draw visitors attention to any important notices. E.g. during the Christmas buying season, I can make customers aware of the last order dates for receiving their purchases.
  • Personalisations can be selected directly on the product page. A note box is still available in the checkout process if required. But customers can now select all their options prior to going through the checkout.
  • Product reviews by customers - 5 star review ratingThese are available on the individual product page (comments and star rating) and product collection pages (star rating). This allows visitors to see what previous customers think of my products and service.

Any Issues?

Whilst I have tested out the new site and checked it over thoroughly, if you have any issues or problems, then please let me know.

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