Purple Wyvern Jewels Is 10 Years Old Today - Thank You!

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purple wyvern jewels is 10 today

It's official. Purple Wyvern Jewels is now 10 years old! A HUGE big thank you to all my wonderful customers over these past 10 years! Because without you buying my products this wouldn't have been possible. 💜

It truly does mean a lot to me that Purple Wyvern Jewels has been in business for 10 years. So many businesses never make it this far. Statistically, about 20% of businesses don't even last a year and around 60% don't last 3 years. So to last 10 years is a massive accomplishment. (Please do read my blog post on how to support small businesses and help other small businesses beat these statistics.)

To my lovely newsletter subscribers - check your emails to find some special offers to celebrate this occasion!

For those of you not signed up to my newsletter, you just missed out on the biggest offers I have ever done. If you don't want to miss out on future offers then sign up below.

And once more to all of you that have supported my business over these past 10 years -

Thank You!

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