Have You Experienced That Lightbulb Moment Recently?

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The one where you can suddenly see and understand something in a different way to what you thought before.

That was me this week!

hand holding lightbulb with bright idea lines (Photo Credit: Sarah Pflug)

So what's got me all abuzz and lit up?

Well, this week I was taking part in the "Supercharge Your Website Challenge" by Vicki Jakes. I stumbled across a link someone had posted in a busy small business Facebook group I'm a member of (so it's easy to miss posts). The link was to a free challenge that was taking place this week. So I signed up – hey who doesn't like free! I wasn't sure what value I would get out of something that was free, but thought it was worth a go. You never know, I might pick up a tip or two.

So each day there was a task to do looking at different aspects related to your website. The tasks are designed not to take too long, for people to be able to achieve them and get them done. For every task, there was feedback and comments that help question what you're doing and why. Any extra questions were then answered in a live evening video.


From the very first day, there were gems of advice and insight that helped me to look at things in a different way. I always knew this website isn't for me, it may be about me and what I do, but it's not for me, it's for you!

This challenge has enabled me to tweak what I had created for purplewyvernjewels.com. It helped me see that I needed to edit my menus and change where I had my information links. I also changed some phrasing to make it more streamlined and easier for you to use. Plus, there were a load of tips and advice for improving my website behind the scenes. I was doing these short tasks and then realising I need to change this and alter that. So I ended up spending way more time than I'd expected in changing things to improve the customer experience. This website will always be a work in progress to make it the best I can. But Vicki really helped me see it differently, in a no-nonsense, easy and positive way.

When you're so used to looking at something, as the saying goes, sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees. Sometimes to see the wood you need someone else to light the way.

tall fir trees with sun shining through leaves (Photo Credit: Angelique Downing)

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