8 Inspirational Home Décor & Fashion Macramé Ideas

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Macramé is an ancient way of creating textiles by knotting rather than weaving or knitting. It's a style that comes in and out of fashion. In recent years it has been updated to a more modern style, with a wide variety of colours and geometric shapes.

Take inspiration from my compilation of updated macramé home décor and fashion ideas. From the now not-so-traditional pot plant holders; wall hangings that can be art forms in their own right; modern wreaths; intricate jewellery and everyday versatile bags.

1. The Pot Plant Holder

Pot plant hanging holders have been a staple of macramé décor.

For a different and unique twist on the pot plant holder, are these hot air balloons by Nicole Wilde:

Eva Larin from Started From Branch has created an untraditional wall mounted circular-shaped pot plant holder:

2. Wall Hangings

More modern and updated wall hangings are colourful and geometrical in design.

This dusky pink geometrical star by Jade Parkinson of Bleubell Macrame gives an elegant and updated look to macramé wall decorations:

Or in the case of Teddy and Wool by fibre artist Rianne Aarts, wall hangings have been elevated to art. I kept scrolling through her amazing items and found it difficult to just pick one to share. So do explore her incredible work!

3. Coasters & Placemats

Like wall hangings, bold colours and geometrical designs are now the go-to for coasters and placemats.

Annika Schellen of Makramee Mit Lieber (translation: Macramé with Love) is using shades of blue for these coasters:

Both geometrical and bold colours feature in these placemats by Amy of Home Made By Amy Rose:

4. Storage Baskets

On the smaller side, but still useful for decluttering those little odds and ends, is this hanging storage basket by Knot For Everyone:

Or for those that prefer more of a bowl design, Rima of Arioh Handmade Creations has created this mini basket:

5. Wreaths & Flowers

Like decorating for events, such as Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and weddings? Celebration decorations with a unique twist can be made with the use of macramé.

Another beautiful décor idea by Jade Parkinson of Bleubell Macrame is this Christmas wreath:

Sarah Wallace of A String Ballard helped make this beautiful floral arbour. Created by mixing macramé and fresh flowers together in this stunning design:

6. Jewellery

When thinking of macramé jewellery, what do you think of? Maybe friendship or Shamballa bracelets? Using a finer cord (micro macramé) it's possible to create super intricate jewellery designs.

Check out this video showing the intricate detail that Natalia Frolova of Nata Frolova Macrame has used on this beaded malachite bracelet:

And back to a geometric bracelet design by Julie's Way:

Quite often macramé creations are made from natural cords such as cotton twine, hemp and jute. So, it's not surprising that the designs themselves can also at times be nature-inspired.

A gorgeous example is this beautiful sunflower bracelet and necklace by Heneliisa Macrame:

7. Clothing

Macramé clothing by its very design is normal to wear over other clothing. This style is therefore typically for the beach-loving or the musical festival-goers...

A blue macramé cover-up dress worn over a matching bikini is a great look for the beach created by Zilya Nova of Nova Design Handmade:

Whereas Isabella Strambio has gone for a waistcoat design:

Check out the latest from Italian fashion designer Alberta Ferretti. She has put together a Spring/Summer 2022 collection that features some macramé clothing.

Will it be the new hit clothing fashion of 2022? We'll have to wait and see...

8. Bags

Macramé bags can be great for ditching the plastic if made from natural cords. They can be created in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Diora Macrame has created this orange tote bag - great for popping out to the shops:

Enjoy bags that are versatile?

Then check out this convertible macramé bag by Becky Silver of Silver Tulips. It can be worn both as a backpack and as a crossbody bag:

Or this bag by Eskai Home that comes with a strap and handles:

Feeling Inspired To Try Macramé Yourself?

Then there are numerous online tutorials (both free and paid for) where you can learn how to make macramé. It helps to start small to learn the basic knots and make something that is reasonably quick to make. This could be bracelets or small wall hangings (which can sometimes be sold as kits) as a great way to get you started. Some people learn better from written words and pictures. But for those that are more visual learners then YouTube is a great resource.

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