'sarah' name adjustable cord bracelet written in morse code stainless steel beads and black glass seed beads on black cord with custom morse code message card
'sarah' name adjustable cord bracelet written in morse code stainless steel beads and black glass seed beads on black cord worn on wrist for others to read
example fixed beads for morse code adjustable cord bracelet
international morse code characters
black gift box with business card

Personalised Morse Code Beaded Bracelet | Adjustable

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Create your own unique secret message with this personalised adjustable beaded Morse Code bracelet.

Your Morse Code message is created using stainless steel beads for the dots and coloured beads for the dashes and attached to coloured cord. I currently have black cord and black beads available. If you are interested in different colours other than black for the cord and dash beads then please contact me to discuss the colours you are interested in.

Choose to create initials, a name, a date, or a specific word/phrase that has an important meaning for you. Each bracelet comes with a card that details the message and its Morse Code equivalent. Interested in other Morse Code items? Then please view my Morse Code collection.

See how the bracelet adjusts by viewing this "in action" video.

How To Order:

  • Choose your Morse Code message. It is possible to include numbers and punctuation in your message (see the fourth photo for a list of characters that you can choose from). Enter the specific message required in the text box - your message can be up to 15 characters in length.
  • Choose the bracelet length. Available in several different sizes:
    • Small - 6½" (16½cm) and under
    • Medium - 7" (17¾cm) to 8" (20¼cm) - standard length.
    • Large - 8½" (21½) to 10" (25½)

    Product Details:

    • Dot beads - 2x3.5mm - stainless steel
    • Dash beads - 3x4mm - glass seed beads
    • String - 1mm - braided nylon cord
    • Message card details your message and its International Morse Code equivalent.
    • Packaged in a cardboard gift box that is made from 100% recycled card.

    Extra Product Information:

    • There can be limitations with the length of the Morse Code message that can fit onto a bracelet. If you’re unsure whether your custom words/phrases will fit the particular bracelet length you want to buy, then send me a message. Tell me the words/phrases and the bracelet length you would like and I can let you know whether that will work. If it can’t fit, I will offer an alternative suggestion. Or you might have to get creative with your message or shorten it in some way for it to fit the required bracelet size.
    • I try to print separate words of the Morse Code message on different lines on the card. However, if space is limited and more than one word is on the same line, then / shows where one word ends and a new one begins.

    example morse code message cards showing morse code message and its meaning

    Customer Reviews

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    Bracelet review

    very cute bracelet, one of the beads on the end has already come off unfortunately, but I have worn the bracelet continuously for the past few days so I guess to be expected. other than that very happy with my purchase

    Thank you for your review. I do recommend that any jewellery is not worn continuously e.g. not worn at night when sleeping, not got wet etc to help prolong the life of your jewellery. Jewellery care instructions can be found on the FAQ page - https://purplewyvernjewels.com/pages/faq#ItemCare

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