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Update: 25th January 2021

Later this year, Swarovski will no longer be selling the style of crystal beads that I use on my products. As a company they are refocusing their business in other areas which means they will no longer sell beads to the handmade market. Therefore, once I have used the remainder of my current crystals, I will be changing them to a different brand. The new brand are still high quality crystals, in fact they are extremely similar to the ones I have been using. There are very slight colour variations for a few of the months, with the main difference in colour being for the July month. Therefore, photos of the crystal months will be updated accordingly on the photos of my products.

It's taking me longer than I had planned in listing my full line of products on this new site. One of the reasons is that the crystal charms that I have been using for my products (to represent different birth months) are now no longer being made.

Old Charms

round birth month coloured crystal charms with silver attachment These are the Swarovski crystal charms which I have been using, that are a high quality including the silver plated metal finish. They have been very popular with customers, so I have spent time trying to find a suitable replacement. There are other similar flat round charms, however, the charms aren't of the same high quality that I was looking for.


New Charms

birth month coloured crystal charms with sterling silver attachment birth month coloured crystal charms with stainless steel attachment I have chosen to change the charms to a different style. They are still Swarovski crystals so they are still the same high quality, but now I can make them into charms myself either using stainless steel or sterling silver metal findings. This is great for anyone who has metal allergies, as I can make all sterling silver (first photo) or all stainless steel (second photo) jewellery with no other metals being used on the same product.

Coming Soon

As I'm changing these charms, it means I need to retake a lot of photos etc before being able to add on all of my items. So I will be adding items with the new birth month chams when I can, in the meantime, if there is an item that you like that I haven't yet added a listing for with a birth month charm, just send me a message to let me know, as I can sort it out so that you can purchase the item you are after. Here's a sneak peek of a few of the new items coming in the near future...

stainless steel initial letter, single angel wing, round baby feet charm along with pink coloured crystal on a chain stainless steel family tree with red, clear and blue-green coloured crystals on a bangle stainless steel initial letter and pink coloured crystal on a chain

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