March 2022 Round Up Of Top Selling And Popular Products

popular products

Welcome to my monthly round up of my top selling and most popular products. I hope that these monthly posts provide you with inspiration and gift ideas.

Mothers Day Gifts

The theme for March was without a doubt Mother's Day gifts. At least here in the UK where we celebrated Mothers Day on 27th March.

Gifts that celebrate and acknowledge family members (represented by their different birth months) is always a popular product.

Other Popular Items In March

For some, times are tough right now and self motivational reminders are helpful to them. Others have been looking for that something a little different for a special birthday.

Bells can have a symbolic meaning and others just like the sound they make. Does it jingle? Yes, it can! 🔔 (The bell charms I use make a quiet jingle sound.)

Remember to come back for other inspirational gift idea posts each month.

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